Thursday, August 29, 2013


I love the show Project Runway. And I always love how in the end the finalists would showcase their collections. All of the pieces had a cohesive look and feel and often used the same fabrics.

And now here I am showcasing my art prints as collections. They have a cohesive look and use a lot of the same colors and fonts.

I've started by designing things that I want to display in my own home, using phrases and quotes that mean something to me or make me smile, and objects and art styles that I love.

These are the beginnings of my ever-expanding collections.

And a little piece of my dream is coming true as all of these prints (and more to come!) will be available in a local shop! Pastiche at Main is set to open on September 7 in downtown Lynchburg.

And for all of my un-locals, all of these are now up in my etsy shop.

p.s MOMS OF GIRLS! I'm flooded with ideas of things I'd put up in a little boys room but since I don't yet have a little girl, I'm sort of at a loss! What would you want to hang in your little girls room? If you have an idea for an art print, please email me and if I decide to use your idea, I'll send you a free print!

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