Thursday, October 10, 2013

honeysuckle, styled.

I absolutely love, love, love to see what people do with the vintage items and art prints they buy from my shop. I've been emailed a few and I've solicited a few photos that I'm going to share in posts called, "honeysuckle, styled."

First up is the living room of my friend, Cheryl. 

Cheryl has effortless style. You go to her house and it's so creative, eclectic, and stylish, but also comfortable and lived-in. The way she created this collage wall that includes her TV is a perfect testament to that.
And I love the way she included her honeysuckle prints amongst family photos, kids artwork and hand-drawn arrows. 
Bravo, Cher.

Do you have something from The Honeysuckle Shop in your home? Email me a photo and I love to show off how you styled it!

Art prints available for purchase here.

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