Wednesday, April 25, 2012

dressing the bump

At almost 28 weeks pregnant, I have learned a thing or two about how to dress with a baby bump.
1. Maternity clothes are expensive. 2. There are ways around buying expensive maternity clothes.

Here are my tricks of the trade:

Buy longer, buy bigger.
When I first started to grow out of my regular shirts, I went and scoured Goodwill for some longer shirts or ones in the next size up from my normal size. 

Use belts.
A few of the size-too-big shirts I bought would fit nicely over my belly but look a little frumpy everywhere else. A cute belt can help define your bump and add a cute flair to your outfit.

Dresses are a pregnant girl's best friend.
Finding dresses in forgiving fabrics was a lifesaver. When you're starting to feel not-so-cute, it's amazing what a dress that fits nicely over your bump will do for your spirits.

Try your hand at tailoring.
I was generously given some hand-me-down maternity clothes. One thing I was given was a pair of black pants. Something I could use more than black pants, is black capris. So I took my favorite pair of regular capris and used them as a template for tailoring these pants.

Using the cut of my normal capris as a guide, I pinned a line where I would sew.

Once I sewed along this line, I cut out the excess fabric and hemmed the ends.

And then I had myself some black maternity capris!

Any other dressing the bump tips? What's your go-to maternity item?


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