Wednesday, June 27, 2012

blanketed in love

Several years ago my mother-in-law, Tammy, gifted me me some vintage tablecloths from her swoon-worthy collection. One of the ones she gave me never made it's way to the table, but seeing it recently as I was putting away other linens sparked an idea for a way I could put it to good use.

It's gray and white and is clad with vintage modes of transportation - hot air balloons, carriages, steam boats, trains and covered wagons. Kind of perfect for Grady's room theme. So, I decided to make a blanket!
I dug through the pile of receiving blankets that were generously handed down to me and picked out four different shades of blue.

Then I measured the size of the table cloth and then cut the receiving blankets into four squares that could make up the reverse side of the blanket.

Once the squares were cut, I pinned them together and sewed them.

Then I ironed the seams flat.

To attach the receiving blanket side to the tablecloth, I just folded the edge of the tablecloth over and sewed.

This created a nice finished border on the reverse side.

Lastly, in order to keep the two pieces from ballooning apart, I used some embroidery thread to secure the four corners of the inside square.

And now Grady has an awesome floor blanket to play on!

Because one side of the blanket is made of a linen tablecloth, I never anticipated it to be a snuggly blanket for him. I see it as a good floor blanket to protect him from being covered in dog hair or one that I could use outside for him to play on.

For his snuggly blanket, I went straight to the source of blanket greatness - Mon Tresor.
You may remember that I did some branding for her not too long ago, and I thought ahead to do a little bartering of services. Now Grady has a beautiful, personalized blanket and I can't wait to wrap him up in it! Stephanie does such a beautiful job - I gave her my ideal colors and she totally delivered.
Be sure to visit her etsy shop if you're in the market for a one-of-a-kind baby blanket!

Now all these blankets need is the baby!

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