Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Photoshoot

Thoughtfulness comes very naturally to my husband. And I never want to take that for granted.
He knows how much I love having nice pictures, but don't get them very often, especially of me and Grady. He's got a naturally artistic eye and has gotten confident in using my DSLR.

So for Mother's Day, he scouted out a nice scenic spot and took the sweetest photos of me and my boy.
And my boy on the way.


And here are a couple out-takes to show you how we take pictures with a toddler.

Feed him crackers.

Distract him with sticks.

Thank you for the sweetest Mother's Day gift, Josh Goodman.
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Friday, May 2, 2014

Gender Reveal Party - Round 2

One of the things that I definitely wanted to repeat that I did in my pregnancy with Grady was a gender reveal party. We have the fondest memories of sharing that big moment with friends and family and we wanted to do it again.

Our gender ultrasound was on a Tuesday, but with Josh going out of town for work, we decided to wait until Sunday to actually have the reveal party and find out. 
It was a long wait to Sunday.

And as sentimental as we are, we decided to use the same bakery we used for Grady's gender reveal cake, only this time we asked them to make donuts. 

For the actual reveal donuts, we had them do cream filled with either pink or blue, and they had to put a white dollop of frosting over the piping hole in order for us not to see the color before hand.

Man, I love a good donut.

Of course, with milk.

And I made these fun donut balloons after seeing this blog post from Studio DIY.

And what do you know....'s a BOY!!

We are so thrilled for a brother for Grady!

Thanks to all our family and friends that skyped in... 

...and all those who could come celebrate this special moment with us!

We are overjoyed to be welcoming another little boy to our family in September!
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Second Child

Josh keeps lovingly reminding me of the fact that we are both the second child of our families, and not to cheat this child out of all the special things I did for Grady.

And believe me, I would love to have the time to get out my nice camera and take bump pictures and edit them with sweet notes like I did for Grady's pregnancy. But that is not the reality of life right now. Time is precious and what is not a priority often gets bumped. And the bump pictures got bumped.

But, hey, Baby #2, there's always Instagram. I can certainly find the time to snap a picture of your growth with my trusty iPhone once a week. So, your pregnancy to birth photo book might not be as detailed as Grady's, but you are not without and not forgotten. You are very, very loved.

And here's how it started.

We announced your coming arrival to your grandparents with a photo booth style announcement in the mail.

"Our family number is changing! Goodman party of 4 beginning September 2014" it says.

We shared this on Facebook a few weeks later.

And then the bump started to happen:

And I can't believe I'm already halfway to meeting you, sweet baby!
Feel free to follow me @shelbygoodman
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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mom moments

Before I became a mom, I had these grandiose dreams for all the adorable things I would do/make and how fun of a mom I would be. You know, that mom.
Well, real life brought those dreams down like 10 notches.
At the end of the day, I'm happy that I've kept my child alive and well for another day.

BUT sometimes the stars align and your child actually SITS STILL for more than 5 seconds and you get to do something special and be just a glimpse of the mom you dreamed you'd be.

I actually got to send some special Valentines to Grady's grandmas who are so special to him.

And when I realized that Grady's 1-year-old preschool class exchanged valentines,
I cooked up these for him to hand out to his classmates.

It was a proud mom moment.
As in, I was proud of myself as mom. I did something in advance, and I was organized and prepared.

And the sad part is, that when these were finished for a second I considered NOT using these and just getting ones from the dollar store. I want to be that mom, but I don't want people to think I'm trying too hard to be that mom. Sheesh.

But I realized I just need to be true to myself. And the truth is, I'm a graphic designer. Designing a cute Valentine is my strength. 

Baking cupcakes is not.

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mini Rosemary Wreaths

Making people feel special when they come over for dinner at my house is always my goal.
I show people I love them through crafting, I can't help it.

So when my small group at church decided to do a Friendsgiving Dinner together, I was
delighted. This was the very reason I asked Josh to build us a 12-person farmhouse table, so
I could fill it up with people. 

I had seen a few ideas of mini wreaths floating around on pinterest and
was excited to try my hand at some. 

And lucky day for me when I had a friend who let me snip some of his overgrown rosemary!

So the wreath part is pretty self-explanatory:
Get a sprig of rosemary and bend it into a circle.
I tied a knot with a piece of twine and then topped it with a pre-made bow.

The banner part looks a little trickier, but it's really not.
Check it:
Cut a strip of paper

Make two folds the same size as the width of your wreath

Fold the side flaps in half again

Press it down and snip the ends to make them prettier

Write your guest's name

Then tuck it around the wreath.
Done and done.

 And here they are in action,

These would be so cute with a little red bow for Christmas!
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