Tuesday, November 16, 2010

That Feeling

We bought our first house this year. It was such an exciting experience. Coupled with a fabulous realtor, we had so much fun touring potential homes and picturing where we put down some roots in this town. Our one request in the search parameters, besides the price, of course, was no brick ranches. The town is littered with them and we just weren't interested.

But when we set foot in our house, we knew - we had that feeling. I never did get that feeling with my wedding dress like everyone said I would, so maybe that feeling was rightfully due to me. Either way, we were in love and we said 'i do' weeks our 1959 brick ranch. i know, i know, but ours is's cute.

This beautifully flipped blank canvas wooed us. With hardwood floors and a fireplace, we had so many ideas for making this place home.

Now, watch me arrange, re-arrange, buy used furniture, find it doesn't work and sell it on craigslist, spray paint, craft, attempt to sew, buy more stuff off craigslist, thrift, and spray paint some more in an effort to call this place ours.

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