Tuesday, April 5, 2011

collection swap party


I recently participated in oh hello friend's collection trade
"Details: You will be paired with 1 swap partner and each of you will share what sort of things you collect. Then you'll buy an item from your partner's list and send it to them! So everyone will have added a new item to their collection by the end of this trade!" 
Swap Dollar Amount: $15-$20

 I thought it sounded like so much fun, and the idea of having a specific mission in my thrifting adventures was even more appealing. 

My swap partner, Jessica, let me know that she collects, "milk glass pedestals, tea cups (they have to be amazing, not just blah), vintage flatware, mercury glass, apothecary jars, old books, antique china (I have 120 placesettings!)" 

sneak peak of my finds for Jessica.

And how could one participate in something hosted by Danni, the queen of lovely packaging, and not pay special attention to the packaging itself?

I hope you enjoy adding the old books and apothecary jar to your collections. I couldn't find any super awesome tea cups, so I'm sending a super awesome vintage tablecloth I found. I thought it might go perfectly with one of your 120 place settings. 

I let her know that I collect: vintage items, the letter 'g', beautiful stationary, buttons, old maps, antique frames/prints, and old jars/tins. Stay tuned to see my swap!

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