Monday, June 3, 2013

something simple to make for baby boy

As someone who enjoys creating things, I'm always looking for things to make for my baby boy to wear. But besides bowties, there aren't too many simple things for the average seamstress to make for a baby boy. 

Then I saw this incredibly adorable video by Cotton & Curls.
And I knew I needed to make a slouchy beanie for Grady.

I took the measurement advice from the tutorial and decided to work with a cheap pre-made adult beanie.

Once you figure out your measurements, just follow the shape of the hat and pin where you sew.
Be sure that you are pinning on the wrong side of the hat. (I forgot to take a picture but the right side of my hat is stripes).

Sew along the shape you created.

Trim off excess, flip right-side out and try it on your baby!

10 month olds don't made the best (read: stillest) models.
So let's just call these action shots.

I pretty much love this boy in anything, but a slouchy beanie is heart-melting material.

Go ahead and add this to your list of "simple things to make for baby boys".

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