Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Printable Advent Calendar

Advent is upon us. The season of anticipation, of waiting, for the Hope of the world to come.
That's why I get behind Advent calendars so much. Because I think there's much to be said about really soaking in the anticipation. Counting down the days until we celebrate the day the weary world did rejoice and gets to again and again. 

I started dreaming up this design last year because I knew the boys would be at good ages to
participate. So our days alternate between a Scripture reading and a Christmas activity. 

What I love about it is that you can totally make it your own. Write down whatever traditions are important for your family!

 I had fun thinking up ideas to write down but the Scriptures are so important to me too. 
I'm thinking Grady will really be able to soak in the real meaning of Christmas this year and
that makes my heart so excited!

 Since this Advent Calendar is really for the boys, I put it right int he heart of their playroom.
Their own little tree if you will. 

String them together like a banner, washi tape them to the wall like a tree, or just keep them in a little basket at the breakfast table! Sky's the limit with these cards!

Wanting one for your home? From now until December 1, I'm offering a printable version of 
this calendar FREE with any $10+ purchase in the Honeysuckle shop!

In notes to seller at checkout, please leave the phrase ADVENT CALENDAR to have this emailed to you after purchase!

Here's to celebrating the anticipation!

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