Thursday, October 14, 2010

hello pretty

as a designer, it is incredibly difficult to design something that defines you, i think. if you even knew how long it took me to design my first business card in college, you would be shocked and appalled. i've grown since then, though. i know a lot more about who i am and what i am about. i still feel like i'm growing and evolving though....i still get caught up in trends and want to change my logo or my business cards with the seasons.

in the midst of it all one thing remains: i love clean, beautiful, simple design. it's what i'm always drawn to and tend, more often than not, to go back to. and that is why i am, and probably forever will be, a sucker for well-designed packaging.

even in my frugality, with coupon file in tow, i can still be aesthetically persuaded. take this wine for example, i don't care what it tastes like....that's a good looking bottle of wine. who wouldn't want to enter a party holding this? i mean, i'd be your friend.

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