Thursday, October 14, 2010

what shall i wear?

did anyone ever play that game when they were little? what shall i wear? i have such fond memories of playing that game with my grandma....and i guess i still sort of play it in a way. whenever i'm going to go somewhere special or feel like i'm in a rut of wearing the same thing...i like to search for outfit inspiration. my go-to spot is i love their unique combinations and the fact that the items are displayed on models, unlike, my other love. plus, i reside in the j.crew mecca...lynchburg, va - home of the sample sale. so the odds of me having something similar are high.

tonight i was searching for help with this transitional weather we've been's definitely not summer anymore, but it's also not quite fall...much to my chagrin. jcrew had some great inspiration - lightweight long cardis, scarves, skirts, and shorts with tights. i was too chicken to try to the shorts and tights thing last year, but this season i just might. maybe.

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