Thursday, February 14, 2013

it was always you

I used to daydream about meeting this ruggedly handsome man. One who would sweep me off my feet and never look back. 

This man had a kind face and gentle eyes despite his ever present 5 o’clock shadow. He had a great laugh that he used often and never took himself too seriously. 

He was musically inclined, as I am not, and even wrote me a love song or two. He enjoyed working with his hands and was good at it, he could even build me a dining room table from scratch. 

He wore boots mostly, but could rock a suit like none other. 

He would fight hard, but love harder. He would be quick to forgive. He would fiercely protect his family and never hesitate to help a friend. People would love to be around him. 

He had a strong work ethic but was humble about his accomplishments. He was a spiritual leader; a man I could easily respect. 

He would love me passionately and tell me often. He would be faithful and true.  And when we would have babies -- oh, what beautiful babies -- he would be an extraordinary dad. He would change diapers without ever complaining, and he would make me a better mother. 

Even at my worst, I would feel beautiful when he looked at me.

We would spend each year looking back and finding it better than before and we would enjoy growing old together. 

My dearest Joshua, this man of my dreams is you.
It was always you.

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