Monday, February 11, 2013

i love love - decor & crafting

Last year was my first time taking Valentine's Day decor beyond a bowl of candy.
And you know what, I kinda liked it.
I know Valentines Day is totally commercial, but I love love and want to celebrate it.
And that's enough for me.

So, per my usual, I shopped my house for my mantle decor.
And realized I really like vintage floral.
(Most of these were borrowed from my bedroom)

And I also added a few other love-ly details around the house.

Fact: I prefer homemade crepe paper roses to real ones.

One thing I did make when I got in a crafty mood during nap time was this little arrow quiver.
My friend Cheryl has a super cool one on her mantle that I always admire, so I thought V-day would be a perfect time to make myself one.

I used an old fireplace matches container to be my quiver but I bet a pringles can or something similar would work just the same.

And then I wrapped it in paper.

For the bottom of the arrow, I used a white index card, and trimmed and feathered it.

Then attached it to a dowel.

I made five but just repeat with as many arrows as you wish to make.

Have fun celebrating the ones you love this week!

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