Wednesday, March 6, 2013

operation upgrade all the pillows

I'm too embarrassed to show you what my pillows used to look like.
I'd had them since we got married almost 5 years ago. They were green and brown and stained despite repeated washing.
You know it's bad when your husband starts to complain that they're ugly.

So when I went to Target to check out my options, I realized it would cost me a small fortune to upgrade all the pillows as just one cute pillow was $25. Not gonna happen.

It took a few weeks of hunting and diy-ing, but I was able to upgrade all of my pillows for less than the price of one full-price pillow. I could do this because I used my old pillow forms which were still in good shape.

So, eventually Target did pull through with some good clearance.
Pom-Pom Pillow: $5

Gray Felted Pillow: $7

Gray Napkins: 2 for $3
Napkins are a great option for upgrading pillow covers because they are a perfect square.
Sew three sides, stuff in your pillow and then sew the fourth size shut. Easy as pie.
 I added my own fabric ruffles for a bit of flair.

Cream Rosette Pillow 
Sears Going-out-of-business Sale: $5

Vintage placemat Pillow
Placemats are another great option for easy pillow covering.
This placemat was a quarter yard sale find that I had stashed away and all I had to do was seam rip one of the sides, stuff in a pillow and then sew it shut again.

 Vintage Bed Sheet Pillow
It's always best to think outside the box for fabric. Making this pillow
out of a bedsheet took a bit of measuring and a bit more sewing but
I love the fabric more than anything I could have found at the store.

Vintage Fabric Pillow
Easily my new favorite pillow (I did stuff it with my softest pillow form though).
But I love this vintage fabric. I've had it for so long but could never find the right
thing to use it for. Makes for a great statement pillow.
There are lots of fun vintage fabric options on etsy!

Striped Fabric Pillow
I ordered this striped fabric (1/2 yard for $5) from a seller on etsy.
I knew I wanted to add some stripes in with all my floral.
The best thing about making this pillow was this new-to-me envelope cover
technique that my friend Kerry told me about.
Less sewing and you can take off the cover to wash it!

Next time you need a pillow upgrade - try one of these easy and affordable options!

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