Friday, March 11, 2011

mantle transition

Having a mantle to decorate was one of the features i was most excited about when moving into our new house.  It is something that i can easily decorate and redecorate with the seasons or when i feel the need for change. Controlled change - i like that.

This is how i decorated it when we first moved in - I was so excited to have a place of honor of my white pottery collection.

Then came Christmas - finally a place to hang my stockings!

And now I'm all ready for spring to come...

What is spring without birds, baby bunnies, and doe eyes?


  1. Uh...this makes me miss our old house with a fireplace and mantle! Love your Spring mantle! And I absolutely LOVE love love the candles in the fireplace. I am dying to do that if we move somewhere with a fireplace again! Also, I really like all the white! :)

  2. Love the built ins and the simplicity of white. Beautiful.

  3. That looks GREAT! love how simple it all is but makes such an impact!


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