Thursday, March 10, 2011

my apartment therapy

there are very few things i miss about living in an apartment - besides the fact that repairs came out of someone else's wallet. one thing i have always admired about apartments is the number/letter aesthetic on the doors. i blame it on my love of fonts. so, i thought it might be fun to bring a little apartment-style into my homeownership.

This letter/wreath combo graces the door of our master bedroom, and believe it or not, Josh likes it! He pretty much goes with the flow with my decorating/redecorating bouts, but when he takes the time to tell me he likes something I've done, it makes my heart swell a little.

I made this wreath after learning how to make fabric flowers. It's just a regular wreath form, covered with yarn with flowers and a ruffle (the ruffle is from a cardigan that i disassembled).

anyone else bring a little apartment-style into their home?


  1. i so have a yarn wreath on my craft-to-do list since adam despises my book wreath i thought it would be a good replacement :) who knows when it will get done though...ugg.


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