Friday, April 6, 2012

24 weeks & at a loss...

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So, I've been searching really hard trying to find a cute baby book for Grady...and I'm at a loss.
I had all these ambitions for making my own, but then reality set it and I realized it just wasn't going to happen. I'm looking for a more classic take on the baby book with less of the cheese-factor I see in most baby books and absolutely no cartoon monkeys.

There are definitely some cute options out there, but most are out of my baby book price range.
I love this one from RubyLoveDesigns. It's customable and classy with lots fun information pages. ($60)Modern Baby Memory Book. Ruby Love Modern Baby Book. Gray Mod Circles Album

Another adorable etsy option that is out of my price range is from 2giggles.
Super modern and beautifully designed. ($105)
Baby Book -  Blue Chevron (125 designed journaling pages to record pregnancy up to 5 years)

I'm almost tempted to go the vintage route, but most of these don't leave much extra room for photographs.
Vintage Baby Book Album

What did you do for a baby book? Anyone knows of any classy and affordable options?
Suggestions appreciated.

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