Monday, May 21, 2012

babymoon: awesome & awkward

I was a little MIA last week but it was all for a good cause - Josh and I got out of town for a little babymoon on the beach. The weather was a bit of a bummer, but we got a couple nice, sunny beach days. We spent lots of time relaxing, sleeping in, going out to eat, and going to the movies - all of which will become less frequent once this little man makes his grand entrance.

Trip summary:

- Being wished "Happy Mother's Day" by complete strangers
- The joy in my husband's eyes when he's at the beach and jumping in the waves
- Not getting out of bed until noon
- Laying in bed, eating breakfast and seeing a foot slide across my stomach
- Ben & Jerry's ice cream
- The way sun feels on a big, round belly
- Having a good cry and talking through my fears with my good-listener of a husband
- Reading, uninterrupted

- A stranger holding my belly with two hands in the elevator, with no escape route
- A waitress bringing my 8-month pregnant self a glass of champagne on Mother's Day
- The run/waddle to the bathroom on the beach
- Being confronted about stealing someone's spot at the pool - really?
- The sales associate at the store attempting to hand me a size 2 dress to try on. Seriously, lady?
-Running into the two-handed belly-holder again later in the week

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