Tuesday, July 3, 2012

map art + vintage maps for sale!

I recently came upon a large lot of vintage maps. Fortunate when you're doing doing a nursery that nods towards a travel theme. So I decided to make some map art.
This image was my original {p}inspiration:
paint over letter stickers & peel them off

I wanted to put a saying over my map and paint it and just have little bits of map showing through.
I printed and cut out my letters and arranged them on the map. But once I saw how the black looked on the map, I decided I wanted a bolder look for my map art.

So instead of using spray adhesive so I could peel the letters off after painting, I decided to glue them in place.

I made this piece to be the center of the collage wall in the nursery.

The mobile fits perfectly with the collage wall.

I added some other travel related pieces to the collage.
A Virginia cross-stitched piece that I found at a yard sale.

A shadow box with a vintage book that was gifted to Grady by my friend Vanessa, an old model airplane propellor, and plane tickets from when I went to visit Josh when we were dating.

A Helen Keller quote I designed and printed out, a wooden plaque of vintage cars, and a sweet Virginia embroidery map made for Grady by my friend Katie.

A unique art piece gifted to Grady by my friend Kerry, and a vintage car wall hanging from the same estate sale that I got the airplane for the mobile.

Non-travel related pieces:
A favorite photo from our maternity pictures and a brass 3 stencil signifying our new family number.

A vintage card of a little boy with a turtle and a dog that looks like our Baxter.

A poem from an old children's book titled Mr. Nobody, that talks about who makes all the messes in the house - perfect for a little boy.
I had so much fun collecting all these pieces - putting collages together is one of my favorite things to do!


As I said, I have a large lot of vintage (1950-60's) maps and I'm putting them up for sale!
Vintage Maps - Large Lot of Countries - National Geographic Maps
They're perfect for map art projects or just for framing a place that's special to you!
$5 each (discounting pricing for purchasing 2 or more)
You can check out the list of available maps and make a purchase in my etsy shop.

Here are some diy map art projects that I'm loving:

Cover a cardboard letter with a map.
Pinned Image

Use maps as picture mats.
how great is this?! looks so easy to do! this will be my next project

Use a map to decoupage a chair.
love maps

Use them to line drawers, 
maps as drawer liners.

cover coffee tables,
map-covered coffee table

or add interest to a dresser.
Map dresser

Full nursery reveal and a Honeysuckle Finds giveaway coming later this week! Get excited!

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