Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the secret of chalkboard art

Chalkboard art is all the rage.
Chalkboard art

Chalkboard Art tips

hand lettered holiday greetings

You might be feeling left out if you don't have nice handwriting or struggle with hand lettering.
I have decent handwriting and can even replicate fonts okay, but I was still feeling left out.
Then I saw this little tip.

The only catch is you need a printer.
Find a super fun font or a mixture of fonts and print out your words.

 Cover the backside of the paper completely in chalk.

Flip it over and trace with a pencil to get a perfect pattern to follow. In Emily's tutorial, she says to fill it in with pencil, which I did at first, but I found I was doing double the work by filling it in with pencil and then re-filling it in with chalk. And my hand was starting to cramp. So I found that just tracing the outline worked best and then you only have to fill it in once.


So if you've been bummed about your bad handwriting on your chalkboard, but bummed no more.
It's a little more work, but the sky's the limit.

Go, make chalkbaord art.

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