Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Our Cottage Craftsman

Hi guys!! It's been, what? 2 years?! I tell ya what that jump from 1 to 2 kids will really kill a blog, hah! No, it was an intentional killing in order to focus on being the very best mama while my boys are little and need me the most. But luckily, I have the ability to revive this little blog of mine and now that my boys are getting older and don't need me quuuuuite as much, I think I'll be back to sharing a bit more on this platform that I love!

So, I'll start with our current state. We've moved to the Midwest - Indiana to be exact. A small farm town to be even more exact but still kinda vague. ;)

And we bought a house! A cute little 1920's craftsman style with cottage-y details that we are lovingly calling #ourcottagecraftsman.

And we're giving it some upgrades to make it perfectly suited to us. We still have lots of projects up our sleeves but I'd say we're Phase 1 complete.

So if these first photos will show you anything it is: THE POWER OF PAINT.

Living Room/Dining Room Before:

Living Room/Dining Room Progress:

Let me tell you, dark brown is not a fun color to cover. So the walls all got primed first.

And then I had the hard task of trying to find my perfect shade of gray. 
You know, what that's not too dark, not to light, doesn't look beige, and looks good with my other paint colors. You'd think it wouldn't be that hard, but it was. 
I probably tried about 5 gray samples before I landed on one I loved.
I had to be picky because I was buying a 5 gallon bucket of whatever gray I chose and using it through the entirety of my house.
This color did NOT win. Too dark.

And it looked a little beige in some lights.

So then I tested more grays, but ultimately landed on Valspar's Modern Gray.
Not too light, not too dark, not beige and I love it.
And I better because this color went in the dining room/living room, kitchen, mudroom, bathroom, and hallways

And Living Room/Dining Room after:

We didn't do anything major to the space except for paint and put up nice blinds.
So the lesson of the day is, paint changes everything! 

p.s. It feels good to be back. :)

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