Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Updated: Super Easy DIY Skinny Jeans

So, when I was looked back at my blog stats after 2 years, I noticed my DIY skinny jeans post had been one of my best viewed. And I was proud of two things 1) my sewing job had withstood over 3.5 years of wearing and washing and 2) those jeans still fit.

I first published this tutorial almost 3.5 years ago so I thought it was time for a little update since I've done this a few more times over the years and really think this is an easy way to update jeans if you know your way around a sewing machine in the slightest. Seriously, if you can turn it on and sew a semi-straight line you can do it!

So here's a little update on an old favorite:

I bucked the skinny jeans trend when it first started. I was married to my bootcut jeans and thought skinny jeans only looked good on the extremely skinny which excluded me. 
But ya know what, if a fashion trend is around long enough, it starts to grow on you.
And so did the skinny jeans. And look at me now, I'm cutting up my bootcut jeans and
turning them into skinnies. Guess it wasn't a real committed marriage.

Update: I switched to skinny jeans and never looked back. I can't even imagine wearing other jeans now.

I posted this instagram of my bootcut jeans turned skinnies and got a few requests for
a simple how-to and I am happy to oblige!
Update: At least pretend to make your bed, Shelby.

So, here we go.
Update: I honestly have no idea what happened to these green jeans.

 Step One:
Find a pair of skinnies that you like the way they fit
and line them up on top of the pants you wish to alter.

Step Two:
Turn the pants inside out.
Trace the shape of the skinnies onto the pants you wish to alter.
This will be the line you will sew along.
Be sure to make a gradual line to the knee. It will pucker weird at the knee if you don't.
I have seam ripped enough times to know. Trust.
Update: This really is important. And I hate seam-ripping.

 Tip: If you are altering jeans, be sure to trace along the side that has the simple seam vs. the side that has the professional seam with piping.

Do this side

Don't do this side  
The seams won't line up right if you do your altering along the professional seam side.

Step Three:
Sew along the line you traced.

Step Four:
Cut off your excess fabric. Cut fairly close to your seam so you don't have
any bulk in your skinnies.

Step Five:
Admire your work and high-five someone because you just
saved yourself some money by making your own skinny jeans!
Update: I've experimented a bit with shortening the length too because I really like my skinnies to land right above my ankle. 

 Step Six: 
Rock your new skinnies!

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