Tuesday, February 15, 2011

goodwill hunting & sewing treasures

I finally found a purpose for this funky little bird i found not too long ago at a thrift store. It has a hole in it so i'm not sure if it's supposed to be a planter or something, but I've decided to make it into a pincushion!

All I needed to do was to sew a piece that could be stuffed with batting and was big enough to cover the hole. So, I sewed two squares, right sides together, on three sides.

Normally, for the last side, I would hand stitch it to give it a polished look, but for this project, I knew the unfinished side would not be seen anyways, so once the three sides were sewn, i stuffed it and sewed the final side using the machine.

In order to keep the pincushion pushed up through the hole, I stuffed the empty space with newspaper.

Now, I have a permanent fixture holding my pins and my funky little bird is now happy in his newfound purpose. He kinda makes me want to sew more.

In another one of my thrifting adventures, I found this old, beat up box with a $2 price tag. This is what was inside that old, beat up box:

As if the price weren't enough to sell me, I was totally sold by the wooden spools and the fact that the thread was already color coordinated.

Dear beautiful old thread, you had me at hello.

Now I'm really gonna have to sew more.

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