Monday, February 21, 2011

How to make a personalized gift for your favorite little person

Step one: Go to target (or your store of choice) and buy a gender and size appropriate onesie.

Step two: Go to and download a 40% off coupon. Go to Michael’s and purchase iron-on letters on the cheap using your coupon. While you’re there buy a scrap of felt in your color of choice for 30 cents.

Step three: Come home, cut out a heart or other embellishment of your choice out of your felt.

Step four: Arrange your letters to make a personalized message and ensure your spacing is correct.

Step five: Iron on the letters. (I kept mine in place and just ironed them one at a time so I was sure they wouldn’t move on me.)

Step six: Use simple stitching to apply your embellishment.

Step seven: Admire your completed personalized onesie.

Step eight: Gift it to your favorite little person.

Step nine: Snuggle your favorite little person in their new onesie proclaiming their love for you. J

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  1. That is just adorable! I embellished a sweatshirt for my neice when she was 3. Then my daughter got to wear it 8 years later. It's in her hope chest which is now our coffee table. I should dig that stuff out and take pictures. hmmmm


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