Thursday, February 24, 2011

a spot of {for} coffee

a long time ago, when our current house was just a glimmer in josh's eye, i bookmarked this image from notebook: magazine

i loved it because of the coffee shelf and the glass jars.

i remembered this image when i saw this little nook in our kitchen during our walk-thru:
so then when i spotted this white shelf at a garage sale for $1, i immediately saw its potential. I had Josh cut down one of our thin wooden curtain rods that we had no use for in this new house and hide it under the shelf. Then I spray painted some S-hooks white for hanging my coffee cups.

I love these coffee cups. They were a wedding present, they are huge, and they say coffee. I also love those little ceramic hanging baskets that I found at goodwill - perfect for stirring spoons.

i honestly don't know what i would use this space for other than a perfect little space designated specifically for my favorite morning beverage. 
how 'bout you? do you have a special place for your coffee to call home?


  1. Love all the white! I dream of having a white or cream kitchen! :) We have a whole coffee station place at our house but it's no where near as nice as yours! Love it.

  2. Chrystal, me too!! I dream of an all white kitchen - so clean and beautiful!

  3. This:

    is like my dream kitchen :)

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