Friday, March 16, 2012

on the docket

Thanks to all you experienced mamas who left your words of wisdom for me. I feel less overwhelmed by all the stuff out there already.
One thing that is still quite daunting though is thinking about all the changing/rearranging we have to do in the next four months to make way for Grady.

The room that is going to be his room is currently the guest bedroom.

Which means that the guest bedroom will move into what is currently called 'the craft room'.
(Obviously this picture was taken before the room was overtaken by craft supplies.)

Which, in turn, means that everything that is currently in the craft room will be finding a home in the office.

All this leads many diy/space-saving/organizing projects on our list of things to-do.
The first of which will be building an L-shaped desk in the office to accommodate both a craft space and a work space.
 love the floating shelves and L desk.  so much room to create!

Once the craft room is empty, we'll be able to create a quaint guest bedroom.
We'll have to get creative with the headboard as our current bedframe won't fit in that room.
creative headboard

Finally, this will leave us with an empty room across the hallway from ours to create a lovely space for our little boy.
 baby boy nursery
mood board by me

Stay tuned for lots of changes in Casa de Goodman!

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