Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Guest room progress

I realized that I never got around to showing you guys what happened to the guest room in the room switch-up to make room for Grady's nursery.

The former guest room...

...became Grady's nursery.

The former office....

And the former craft room...
(sadly, I don't have any pictures of it when it was an actual craft room)

...became a guest bedroom...that is still a work in progress.
 But here's what we've done so far.
We hung my favorite vintage sheet as pretty floral headboard.

Styled a dresser.

And added shadowbox shelves to one wall.
(My original inspiration was this picture, but after seeing my friend Katie do hers, I was sold on the idea.)

I don't like deer in real life, but somehow I've got a little collection going for myself.

We have several other projects in the works to make this room more inviting, but for now it's a nice place for all of Grady's visitors to stay - we're gearing up for round 5 of visitors to stay here!

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