Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm not the first...

...but i'm probably not the last either because after you see this you are most definitely going to want to make it. this fabulous book wreath comes to us from living with lindsay...she even posts a little video!

what you will need: an old book, a wreath form, a hot glue gun, plenty of glue sticks, and some motivation. (pictured but not necessary: last night's leftovers of chicken & noodles and mashed potatoes...yum!)

what i'm going to recommend to you is to do all the mindless page rolling while watching your favorite makes this project feel less time-consuming. but somehow doing something in front of the tv instead of just watching feels so productive. might i suggest glee or law and order:svu? those are just a couple of this girl's faves.

also, even though i'm not new to hot glue, i still find myself having mini panic attacks thinking that somehow i've gotten a spiderweb on me. note to self: hot glue can be very stringy and spiderweb-like.

(i know, i know...i need curtains for my kitchen. i'm still searching for something just right.)

the end result is well worth it, n'est pas? the twinge of guilt i felt ripping up that book was quickly replaced with feeling like i somehow did this book a favor and saved it from a boring life at the dollar store. in fact, i believe it would thank me if it could.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

what shall i wear?

did anyone ever play that game when they were little? what shall i wear? i have such fond memories of playing that game with my grandma....and i guess i still sort of play it in a way. whenever i'm going to go somewhere special or feel like i'm in a rut of wearing the same thing...i like to search for outfit inspiration. my go-to spot is i love their unique combinations and the fact that the items are displayed on models, unlike, my other love. plus, i reside in the j.crew mecca...lynchburg, va - home of the sample sale. so the odds of me having something similar are high.

tonight i was searching for help with this transitional weather we've been's definitely not summer anymore, but it's also not quite fall...much to my chagrin. jcrew had some great inspiration - lightweight long cardis, scarves, skirts, and shorts with tights. i was too chicken to try to the shorts and tights thing last year, but this season i just might. maybe.

hello pretty

as a designer, it is incredibly difficult to design something that defines you, i think. if you even knew how long it took me to design my first business card in college, you would be shocked and appalled. i've grown since then, though. i know a lot more about who i am and what i am about. i still feel like i'm growing and evolving though....i still get caught up in trends and want to change my logo or my business cards with the seasons.

in the midst of it all one thing remains: i love clean, beautiful, simple design. it's what i'm always drawn to and tend, more often than not, to go back to. and that is why i am, and probably forever will be, a sucker for well-designed packaging.

even in my frugality, with coupon file in tow, i can still be aesthetically persuaded. take this wine for example, i don't care what it tastes like....that's a good looking bottle of wine. who wouldn't want to enter a party holding this? i mean, i'd be your friend.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


honeysuckle. pretty flower. funny word. yet, the word evokes a sense of nostalgia for me. it's the name of the street our first home was on. josh carried me over the threshold and then we spent our first two years of marriage there growing as friends and partners. so, honeysuckle carries a sense of comfort and home for me. and that's what i want this blog to little niche in cyberspace.

it's here i want to express my sense of design, to share my artwork and adventures in crafting, to fill these pages with beautiful pictures, to pass along some artistic inspiration, and to document all things lovely.

so, wake up and smell the honeysuckle.