Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Second Child

Josh keeps lovingly reminding me of the fact that we are both the second child of our families, and not to cheat this child out of all the special things I did for Grady.

And believe me, I would love to have the time to get out my nice camera and take bump pictures and edit them with sweet notes like I did for Grady's pregnancy. But that is not the reality of life right now. Time is precious and what is not a priority often gets bumped. And the bump pictures got bumped.

But, hey, Baby #2, there's always Instagram. I can certainly find the time to snap a picture of your growth with my trusty iPhone once a week. So, your pregnancy to birth photo book might not be as detailed as Grady's, but you are not without and not forgotten. You are very, very loved.

And here's how it started.

We announced your coming arrival to your grandparents with a photo booth style announcement in the mail.

"Our family number is changing! Goodman party of 4 beginning September 2014" it says.

We shared this on Facebook a few weeks later.

And then the bump started to happen:

And I can't believe I'm already halfway to meeting you, sweet baby!
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