Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Craft Fix

As a girl who loves to create and work with her hands, but is also a busy mama with limited free time, sometimes sitting down for even 10 minutes to create something is just what I need.

A project that truly takes 10 minutes and has a gratifying outcome is a bunting.
I pretty much make myself a new one every season. This year I opted for gold polka dot burlap that would take me through October and November.

While deciding what size and shape I wanted my bunting to be, I  realized that one cut could make me two buntings!

Just one angled cut across this folded rectangle...

And I had two different bunting shapes!

So I just kept cutting until I had a decent stack of each.

Then I glued them along a string of twine.

Seriously, 10 minutes. Does a crafty mama's soul good.

So then what do you do with the other bunting?
You gift it to your bestie...

What's your go-to craft-fix project?