Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mini Rosemary Wreaths

Making people feel special when they come over for dinner at my house is always my goal.
I show people I love them through crafting, I can't help it.

So when my small group at church decided to do a Friendsgiving Dinner together, I was
delighted. This was the very reason I asked Josh to build us a 12-person farmhouse table, so
I could fill it up with people. 

I had seen a few ideas of mini wreaths floating around on pinterest and
was excited to try my hand at some. 

And lucky day for me when I had a friend who let me snip some of his overgrown rosemary!

So the wreath part is pretty self-explanatory:
Get a sprig of rosemary and bend it into a circle.
I tied a knot with a piece of twine and then topped it with a pre-made bow.

The banner part looks a little trickier, but it's really not.
Check it:
Cut a strip of paper

Make two folds the same size as the width of your wreath

Fold the side flaps in half again

Press it down and snip the ends to make them prettier

Write your guest's name

Then tuck it around the wreath.
Done and done.

 And here they are in action,

These would be so cute with a little red bow for Christmas!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Upgraded Advent Calendar

I upgraded our Advent calendar for the long haul this year.
I still love the boxes we did the last couple years, but they aren't big enough to
hold some of the ornaments/gifts I wanted to include this year now
that Grady can participate.

So I decided to make some simple fabric bags out of scrap fabric
I already had on hand. I didn't take any pictures of the process, but 
it is seriously this easy:
1. Fold a piece of fabric and cut a rectangle in the desired size of 
your bags. Because you folded your fabric, you will have two
rectangles (and straight edges don't matter because you'll be 
sewing them).
2. Take your two rectangles and face the right sides towards each
3. Sew a straight line down 3 of the sides.
4. Turn your bag inside out.
5. (Optional) Snip the un-sewn side with pinking shears.

It took me less than an hour to make 25 little bags. 

For the tags, I just typed numbers 1-25 in a document and printed
them out on cardstock. I used a 1.5" circle punch to cut them out and
then tied them up with string.

Each bag has something different in it.
Some bags hold special ornaments to add to the tree throughout the 

Some bags hold Advent activities for us to do. Like, read Luke 2, or drive around and look at Christmas lights, or fill a Salvation Army stocking. Even the simplest of things like "kiss under the mistletoe".

And as a tribute to the those classic Advent calendars that are filled with chocolates everyday, 
I threw in some bags that would just have a treat in them.

As we count down to Christmas, I hope these will help us focus on our Savior, on being generous and loving, on making memories as a family, and on all we have to be grateful for this year.

 Does your family do an Advent calendar? What do you do?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Craft Fix

As a girl who loves to create and work with her hands, but is also a busy mama with limited free time, sometimes sitting down for even 10 minutes to create something is just what I need.

A project that truly takes 10 minutes and has a gratifying outcome is a bunting.
I pretty much make myself a new one every season. This year I opted for gold polka dot burlap that would take me through October and November.

While deciding what size and shape I wanted my bunting to be, I  realized that one cut could make me two buntings!

Just one angled cut across this folded rectangle...

And I had two different bunting shapes!

So I just kept cutting until I had a decent stack of each.

Then I glued them along a string of twine.

Seriously, 10 minutes. Does a crafty mama's soul good.

So then what do you do with the other bunting?
You gift it to your bestie...

What's your go-to craft-fix project?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pastiche at Main

This is for all of you out-of-towners and family and friends who haven't been able to come see the new Lynchburg shop that I am privileged to be apart of, Pastiche at Main!

This will give you a good idea of what it's all about and what you'd find here.



And this is the girl behind Pastiche at Main, Haley Pavao. I cannot say enough about how proud I am of her. She is a savvy and organized businesswoman all the while being super creative and artistic. I am so blessed to know her/be inspired by her/call her friend and privileged to work along side her.

For professional product pictures, check out this album and follow Pastiche on facebook.