Wednesday, May 30, 2012

life without tv

Our contract with Directv ran out two weeks ago and with a baby on the way and adding diapers to our budget, we decided not to renew.
I'm not gonna lie, I miss tv.

But I've actually been amazed at how much more productive I've been able to be without it sucking me in for hours on end. I actually stayed on top of the laundry and didn't have six loads waiting for me.

Plus, I've found that there are blog substitutes for the shows I've been missing.

I miss all things HGTV, but I love to read Young House Love and see how they DIY almost everything.

I miss Pawn Stars and Picker Sisters, but I love to see what fun things people find thrifting via Southern Hospitality.
Art is Beauty

I miss Project Runway and the Style Network but I love to read Kendi Everyday for fashion inspiration.

I miss Top Chef and the Food Network, but I love to read what The Pioneer Woman is cooking up!

Now, if only there were blogs about housewives who don't get along, I'd be all set. My husband is rejoicing that I will no longer have the opportunity to watch that show.

So, I guess in time maybe I'll forget how much I loved tv and just love reading blogs a little more. It's still like getting a little dose of reality tv, reading blogs, because I get a peek into other people's lives and there's just something entertaining about that. 

Luckily, there's always Hulu for the Bachelor. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

this & this

Consider this as new addition to your wall...
and channel this wall art from Young House Love.

Remember public followers always get a discount and locals can arrange for free local pickup!

Monday, May 28, 2012

nursery nesting: diy closet organizers

There's nothing like a good, organized closet. I, personally, prefer to organize my closet by color. But when it came to organizing Grady's closet, there was no way my color method was going to fly.
Size is critical when it comes to organizing baby clothes. And since all of Grady's clothes, except for a few sweet gifts, have been snatched up from yard sales, I have sizes all across the board.
So I decided that clothing dividers were in order. 
There are tons you can buy on etsy, but if you have 15 minutes and a couple bucks - why not make your own?

DIY Closet Organizers
First things first - I ordered these clothing dividers from Amazon for $3.

Then I rummaged through my scrapbook paper and picked out a few pieces in his room colors.

Then, since the dividers have a nice beveled edge for tracing, I flipped the paper so I could trace out the pattern on the back.

Then I folded the paper in half and cut out the shape so that I would have pieces to cover both sides of my divider.

Then I stuck my paper to the divider. My preferred method of adhesive for this was glue spots since I could see myself re-using these dividers someday. Say, in a girl nursery. :)

Then all you need is number stickers and you're done!

A neat, organized by size, closet!

I made 3-6-9-12-18 month dividers. See, I'm an out of sight, out of mind kind of girl and I knew if I packed away some of these cute clothes, I would forget about them until he was too big to wear them.

I think he's set on Christmas flannel for this year. :)

In other closet organizing news, I asked my handy hubs to add some shelving to G's closet and he delivered. With a couple 2x4's from Lowe's, he made this shelving so that the closet space can be maximized. Hanging baby clothes don't take up very much space, ya know?

Can't wait to dress this little man in a couple short months!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

4 years & 32 weeks

Happy 4 years to the man of my dreams. I'm so glad you're mine.
And a happy 32 weeks to my precious Grady Ford. I can't wait to meet you.

Love, Your Wife & Mama

All photos courtesy of Shades of Grey Photography.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

baby shower of love

My best friends from college joined forces and threw me the most thoughtful baby shower.
Their attention to detail and the things they know I appreciate was amazing.

They made my favorite foods and cookie dough cupcakes that were to.die.for.

Not only did the cupcakes taste amazing, but they were adorned with the most adorable bowtie cupcake toppers! (You can snag some for your next party right here.)

Fancied up mason jars and paper straws.

Decorations in baby Grady's nursery colors.

Sentiments for the baby book. :)

Fabric flower corsages for guests.

Adorably packaged favors.

Incredibly thoughtful gifts.

And of course, photobooth fun.

I am so blessed to call all of these people my friends. Thank you all for making me feel loved.

And a special thank you to these girls who made it all happen. 
You are the best friends a girl could ask for.

Katie was the mastermind behind all the fun decorations, bowties, and photo props/backdrop - head on over to her blog to see her inspiration and beautifully executed projects.

All photos courtesy of Shades of Grey Photography.

Monday, May 21, 2012

babymoon: awesome & awkward

I was a little MIA last week but it was all for a good cause - Josh and I got out of town for a little babymoon on the beach. The weather was a bit of a bummer, but we got a couple nice, sunny beach days. We spent lots of time relaxing, sleeping in, going out to eat, and going to the movies - all of which will become less frequent once this little man makes his grand entrance.

Trip summary:

- Being wished "Happy Mother's Day" by complete strangers
- The joy in my husband's eyes when he's at the beach and jumping in the waves
- Not getting out of bed until noon
- Laying in bed, eating breakfast and seeing a foot slide across my stomach
- Ben & Jerry's ice cream
- The way sun feels on a big, round belly
- Having a good cry and talking through my fears with my good-listener of a husband
- Reading, uninterrupted

- A stranger holding my belly with two hands in the elevator, with no escape route
- A waitress bringing my 8-month pregnant self a glass of champagne on Mother's Day
- The run/waddle to the bathroom on the beach
- Being confronted about stealing someone's spot at the pool - really?
- The sales associate at the store attempting to hand me a size 2 dress to try on. Seriously, lady?
-Running into the two-handed belly-holder again later in the week