Wednesday, August 7, 2013

life lately

You know what I'm impressed by? Blogs run by moms with children.
I only have one child and I can hardly find the time to blog!

I miss being able to share projects and life with you guys!
But I am able to share little snippets of my life and projects I'm working on through Instagram,
so feel free to follow me @shelbygoodman.


According to my iPhone, this is what summer has looked like so far:

Celebrating our 5 year anniversary with a little getaway sans Grady.

Yard saling. Always.

Making way for new treasures

Spending my 28th birthday with this sweet boy by my side.

Attempting 10 hour road trips

Adjusting to a toddler

Visiting family in Indiana

Watching my little brother get married

Exploring town with this one

Trip to the National Zoo

Fresh flowers from the garden

 Celebrating my Grady Boy's first birthday

 Experiencing firsts with him
(first ice cream)

(First trip to the beach)

 Working on new and exciting endeavors

 Meeting new family members

Hope your summer has been full of fun, family and fabulous experiences!
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