Wednesday, July 6, 2011

baby shower: invite idea

Remember how I told you I was moving into the baby phase of my life where all my friends start to have  babies? Well, it's started...and one of my dearest friends is having a baby girl in September. When we first started talking about her shower, she sent me an idea she'd like to do and that is to ask for books instead of cards by including this poem:
Although cards are nice,
they are read once or twice.
A book is a treasure
forever and ever.
So instead of a card to be put aside,
please bring a favorite book which
will stay forever by her side.

I then immediately remembered the Katie Daisy collaboration with Martha Stewart that I'd seen in MS Living magazine (Katie Daisy does the most beautiful illustrations and I'm currently smitten.) It's a free for personal use invite, bookplate and bookmark download. And I knew it'd be perfect to include the bookplate with the poem and the invite. I did a little rearranging of the elements to make it work and added my own touches, but the set came out great.

I think the idea of books instead of cards is a great one, and can you believe she didn't get any duplicates?

I got her this book in memory of Pepper, Kerry's bird, who had to find a new home to make room for Baby Ana. I'm sure she'll love to hear the stories of all the crazy animals her mother has owned.

And I know she'll love her mother reading her lots and lots of books. 


  1. That is wonderful! How did you make the bookplate?

  2. Thanks Elyce! The bookplate is part of the free download and I just used photoshop to add 'Ana' since she already had a name picked out. Hope this helps!

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  4. Maybe I am just missing something. When I click on your "download" hyperlink I don't see the bookplate.


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