Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Isn't it the best when you find things you're actually looking for while thrifting?!
(As opposed to things that just strike you as lovely or things that you force yourself to make room for.)

Well this week/weekend was a good one for me scoring things on my 'to find' list.

Score #1: this perfect little metal cart.

This window (newly dressed might I add) in my mudroom is the perfect little sunspot for plants, but I needed something that could sit right under it and hold plants and my watering can. So I was looking for a vintage-y metal cart that I wouldn't mind if it got wet while watering.
Enter chippy metal cart for $5.

Score #2: While organizing my office/craft room, I realized that all my sewing goods are being stored in tupperware. Not cute. I thought to myself, I should look for a nice sewing box. In my mind, I wanted to find a sweet vintage one, but I also realistically noted that I could use a 40% off coupon on JoAnn's to pick one up.
Several days later - hello, sweet vintage sewing box for $1.

I know, not the cutest thing in the world (the gold in the basketweave makes it look dirty), but I knew a quick coat of spray paint could make it just as I imagined. I chose a pea green to keep that vintage look.

And it has tons of storage.

Score #3: Josh and I love bread. It's not uncommon for loaves of french bread or rolls to be found sitting out on our counter. Not too long ago, my friend Vanessa snagged a sweet vintage chrome breadbox. A breadbox - duh! I had totally forgot these things existed. But if it was going to be out in my kitchen, I wanted one with a great vintage look. I went on etsy and favorited a bunch to get an idea of what I was looking for and then my friend (seeing all my etsy favorites pop up) sent me a picture of one and I fell in love - the breadbox of my dreams.

Would you believe I found this same exact vintage bread box at a yard sale this weekend for $1?!
I wouldn't - but it happened! The old man who sold it to me joked that his wife may have left some bread in there and I replied with an over zealous laugh. I didn't want him to realize what he was doing and change his mind. 

And no, his wife did not leave any bread inside. The inside was surprisingly nice for how old it is.

Anyone else get some great scores recently? You know I love a story about a great deal. 

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