Friday, November 9, 2012

put a magnet on it

I like to take time to beautify even the simplest of things - like refrigerator magnets.
You can pretty much turn anything you want into a magnet for the fridge simply by hot gluing a magnet to it!

1. An old spice tin: Find one. Clean it out. Put a magnet on it.
2. Washi tape: Buy some. Put a magnet on it.
{I found that the flimsy magnets like the ones you'd get from a business, work great for this}

3. Vintage pin: Get one. Remove the pin backing. Put a magnet on it.
4. Old clip on earrings: Dig through your grandma's jewelry box. Remove the clips. Put a magnet on it.

5. Fabric flower: Make one. Put a magnet on it.
6. Scrabble letters: Find the game. Pick out letters. Put a magnet on it.

As simple as that.

p.s. Menu planner is a free download via Ollie Bird.

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