Friday, March 22, 2013

Growing a Spring Centerpiece

Despite the fact that I am plant-growing challenged, I decided to see if I could grow some wheat grass for an Easter/Spring centerpiece for my table.

You will most likely find wheat berries at your local health food store.
 photo file_zpsb3f86361.jpg

I googled 'how to grow wheat grass' and the general consensus is that the berries need to be soaked over night. Some say to rinse them a couple times and soak another night. I just soaked mine until I could see little sprouts.
 photo file_zpsed9ed135.jpg photo file_zps5ebf982d.jpg

Everything I read said that the grass is very easy to grow and almost any container will work.
Just barely cover the seeds with soil, they said.
And then you wait. And water.
I just watered once a day and kept the soil moist.
 photo file_zps917bf022.jpg

This is just 10 days later.
 photo file_zps45474e54.jpg

 photo file_zps2605f5ac.jpg

I am so pleased with how easy it was to grow.
If you're looking for a great, natural spring centerpiece for your table - give this a try!
 photo file_zps3b5cf54c.jpg

And some proof that I may be turning over a new leaf in plant growing - this fern has been alive for 2 months now!
 photo file_zpsef907c4a.jpg

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