Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Uniform + Jewelry with a Cause

That's it. I'm set. Got my fall uniform. This outfit on repeat.
Maaaaaybe I'll change my t-shirt to long sleeves when it gets colder. Maybe.

You guys know I'm a hardcore thrifter. I'm the atypical girl in that it actually pains me
to buy new clothes and I get a high on saving money.
So online clothes thrifting with ThredUp is my jam.
I love that I can go in and search for my favorite brands and get them shipped to my 
door for a great price.

Old Navy Rockstar skinnies are my favorite jeans. I know what size I am and they fit me perfectly every time. So to be able to go on ThredUp and get them for less than $10 and shipped to my door is a small miracle to me.

Or to type in: "floral long sleeve dress" and get this little number for $12!

I'm telling you that you won't be disappointed with the selection and the prices!
Go see what fall goodies they've got for you!
And if you've never tried before and want money added to your account to shop,
follow my referral link!


The other part of my fall uniform is this necklace stack from The Shine Project.
I am all about everyday, dainty gold necklaces and I loved these triangle ones because they remind me of mountains which I am missing dearly. 
But it gets better. The Shine Project employs inner city youth in America to help them pay their way through college. To help them break the cycle and be first generation college students in their families. I love that. And I love supporting causes that are working to change the world one person at a time. 

Take a minute and watch this video to hear more of what The Shine Project is all about!
I promise you'll be inspired by Ashley's story.


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