Friday, March 3, 2017

HelloFresh First Timer + Review

We had our first experience with HelloFresh last week and we loved it! And here's my reasons why.

1. It makes a great at-home date night.
This was the initial reason I wanted to try it. We've been doing weekly dates nights and I thought it'd be fun to do something a little different but still cooking at home together. But it ended up being the perfect break from meal planning and grocery shopping that I needed.

Doing it for our date night was so fun. The meals come with step by step directions and pictures so it was just fun for us to turn on music, get the wine started and divvying up the prep work.

2. Super easy and great ingredients
The other two meals we got, I ended up making by myself but to just go in the pantry and pull out the box of all the stuff I needed for dinner and not have to think about it was such a treat.
I loved that lots of the prep work was already done. Like pre-peeled garlic cloves and de-tailed shrimp!

For me, getting in the kitchen with a new recipe and no kids around my ankles is my happy place. I truly enjoy cooking like this and easy cooking guide is a welcomed relief at the end of a long day.

Also, this meal was our favorite.
Fiesty Shrimp Linguine

3. Generous Portions
The other thing I'll say that I loved is the that the portions for the family pack we got were really generous. Like for this Balsamic Chicken, Josh and I just ate it the first night and later in the week I was able to feed all four of us with the leftover portion.
Our whole family ate the shrimp meal twice. And the left over beef stirfry made quesedillas for the guys and topped a salad for me. We were able to make this 3 meal pack feed us all week.

4. Special ingredients I wouldn't normally have
For me it was fun to use ingredients that I wouldnt' normally have in my pantry.
Like Herbs de Provence for the veggies. So good.
And hoisin sauce for the beef stirfry. We loved it. And it felt like a treat because it's not flavors we have all the time.

Having HelloFresh last week was such a treat for us!
And now you can treat your family by using my referral link for $40 off your first box!
Try it and make your week 1000x better!

 Have you tried it before? Are you a HelloFresh regular? Let me know your thoughts!

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