Friday, July 20, 2012

38 & 39 weeks....and overdue

Wanting to see the previous weeks? Look here.

Yesterday, July 19, was Grady's due date. Probably the most exciting and equally frustrating thing is that a baby's arrival is a surprise - they come when they're ready, not necessarily when you are. Because I am ready.
The house is in a perpetual state of cleanliness - ready for guests, I've tied up all my open freelance graphic design projects, I've got a vacation message ready for the shop, our hospital bags are packed, and the car seat is in the car.
And now, we wait.


  1. I drank a 1/2 bottle of caster oil. I was a week over due and my husband was leaving on a trip to California the next day and was gonna be gone a week . I had To have a baby! I didn't want to have it while he was gone!. I had a baby less than 24 hours later and got him out of his trip!!

  2. I feel your pain! My girls were 14 days and 9 days overdue. Find some fun things to do while you wait, like going and getting a pedicure!

    1. It's killer! I got a pedicure last week in hopes he would be here on time! I'll just keep having to find things to keep myself busy!

  3. How exciting/frustrating I can only imagine. I was actually just wondering the other day if you had the baby yet or not. God bless you in these last few days as your lives will be forever changed, for the better of course :)


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