Monday, July 2, 2012

nursery: airplane & clouds mobile

I recently made my little boy a mobile. I bought a small metal airplane at an estate sale for $1 and the idea was born. I would make him an airplane and cloud mobile!

I got out some cream felt and freehanded a cloud shape, folded the felt and cut it out so that I could have two matching pieces. I did this three times.

Then I took two matching pieces and sewed them together leaving an opening just big enough to shove some stuffing inside.

I stuffed them and sewed them closed.

Then I strung fishing wire through each of the clouds.
The airplane already had holes in it for hanging, so I strung fishing wire through that as well.

We decided to hang the mobile over the changing table instead of the crib because we didn't want it to compete with the inspiration piece.

Josh was the only who actually hung the plane and he decided it looked best flying at an angle.

This will be Grady's view from the changing table.

I hope he loves it!

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