Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY car seat canopy

After seeing this product in the stores and then seeing this link on how to make one, I decided to try my hand at making one for myself.
To me, it seems like a good idea because:
a) It can help protect my little bundle from the sauna that is Virginia
b) It can keep him completely covered in case of rain, etc.
c) It can help prevent disturbances if he's sleeping
d) It can help prevent the buckles from getting too hot when he's not in it

All you need in order to make one is:
- a piece of fabric large enough to cover your car seat
- ribbon or coordinating strips of fabric
- velcro
- 20 minutes of your time

I am using a large piece of plaid fabric, large bais tape I already had on hand, and adhesive velcro.
(My fun piece of plaid fabric was gifted to me all the way from Washington state by Meegan. One thing I truly love about blogging and the cyber world in general is being able to interact with and meet people that I wouldn't normally be able to. Meegan befriended me through my etsy shop and we quickly bonded over our love of vintage. A few weeks ago I received a sweet package in the mail with this fabric and a few other vintage things for Grady's room. Thanks, Meegs - it was just the piece of fabric I needed!)

The first step is to finish all the edges of your fabric. If you want to skip this step, this project can be done using an existing blanket.
 Then, take your fabric strips and adhere one side of your velcro to each strip.

Take the coordinating part of the velcro and adhere it to the opposite side and opposite end of your fabric strip. You are wanting it to form a loop once it is attached.

Next, place your fabric over your carseat and pin the fabric strips where you want the loops to attach to the handle.

Sew around the border of the velcro on one side of your strip.
Note: If you use adhesive velcro, be careful not to sew into the velcro - the adhesive will ruin your needle. Lesson learned.

Then all you do is loop each strip around the handle of your car seat and you have yourself a canopy!

Makes for easy access to peek at your little guy.

Or fold it back completely when you don't need it.

I'd say that was 20 minutes well-spent.

If you think this sounds like a good idea, but don't feel like making one, you can always buy one like this.

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