Friday, June 8, 2012

32 & 33 weeks

Wanting to see the previous weeks? Look here.


  1. Maybe it's just because I'm on the outside looking in but I feel like your pregnancy is flying by! It prob isn't like that for you but 7 weeks is gonna be here in no time. And isn't it crazy just two generations later how differently our society feels about motherhood and "the right age"?

    1. Haha, ya know, it has seemed to fly by. The whole time I kept thinking I have so much time to wait and now he's almost here! It's crazy! And it is really funny how differntly our generation thinks about when is a good time to begin motherhood. Sometimes I still feel like I"ll be a child taking care of a child, but you gotta start somewhere, right?
      p.s. I'm not sure why but your comment don't show up in my disqus format, so they aren't visable on my actual blog - only to me. Hm?

    2. Hm weird, have none of mine ever showed up? Come to think of it, I use disqus and they show up at the bottom of posts but my blogspot comment count stays at 0. I'm not really good at the technical side of blogging so it's beyond me.

    3. Yeah, I noticed you use disqus too. Yours are the only ones that show up in my blogspot comment section, everyone else's show up in disqus. I'm not techical either - just wondered if somehow you were commenting outside of the disqus format.


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