Monday, September 24, 2012

thrifting bucket list

A couple years ago when I really got into thrifting - I created a thrifting bucket list. A list filled with things that I would love to find but are pretty hard to come by for a thrifty price. It's not necessarily all vintage things, either. I remember one of the first things I put on my list was Sperry's. It was around the time that Sperry's were becoming popular and I didn't have $70 to spend on shoes. And wouldn't you know I found a pair of gently used Sperry's in my size at Goodwill.
I often add to my list, and I absolutely love when I get to check things off.

Recently, I got to check two big things off my list.

Vintage Turquoise Typewriter - Check.

Old Folding Theater Seats - Check.
(Technically, this is an old folding church pew but it's close enough for me)

It's the thrill of the hunt for me - that's why I love it.
So, I put a price limit on my bucket list. Every item on my list has to be less than $10. (Typewriter was $3, Folding bench was $8)
Because it's not really a hunt if I know I can walk into an antique store and pick up what I'm looking for and pay $50 for it.

Anyone else have a thrifting bucket list? What's on yours?

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