Monday, October 22, 2012

2-3 Month Baby Essentials

1. Infant Swing - This swing is my hero. Grady loves it. He will lay happily and look in the mirror and watch the mobile and then often doze off to sleep. This swing helps me get things done.

2. Play mat - Grady haaates tummy time, but I still make him do it every so often. But flip him over and he's happy as a clam to bat at the hanging toys, watch the musical light-up cat, and smile at himself in the mirror.

3. Camera - Once Grady started responding to us, I wanted to capture every single gummy smile and facial expression. I keep my camera out and handy to take pictures of his sweet face.

4. Sound machine - I give some credit to this sound machine for Grady sleeping so long at night. The noise is soothing and it makes it so that we don't have to tiptoe around after he goes to sleep.

5. Baby carrier - Some days a boy just wants his mom. And on those days, it helps to carry him around hands free and be able to get things done. Need to breast feed while cooking dinner? Done and done.

6. Target - Grady loves to be out and about. I think the new sights entertain him and the noise of being out in public puts him to sleep. I can often be found wandering around Target with baby in tow.

7. New jeans - I was kinda bummed that I was missing the colored denim trend while I was hugely pregnant and wearing anything that fit. Luckily, colored denim is still in and I enjoyed treating myself to a new pair of jeans with a waistband. Kinda felt like I rejoined society.

8. What to Expect the First Year - This book has everything you'd ever want to know about a baby's first year and breaks it down month by month. I enjoy reading it to see what milestones Grady will be reaching each month.

9. Redbox - Once Grady started going to bed at 7:30/8, Josh and I had several hours a night to spend together. Date nights in are the new norm. Thank God for Redbox.

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