Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Donut Love

I wondered what having a baby would do to Josh and me. To us.
It's rocked our world in so many ways. We can often be found in bed at 9 p.m. We have full on conversations about Grady's bowel movements. And we celebrate the smallest of things he does.
We definitely have to be more intentional about making time for 'us' and making each other a priority.
So when I get the chance to make a special treat and surprise Josh at work, I do it.

Josh and I made jelly donut holes last year and they were awesome, but adding the jelly was messy.
So when I wanted to make him a treat, I decided to go for the same method, but just make regular donuts, sans jelly. 

All you need is Pillsbury Grands and some vegetable oil for frying.
I used cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, and sprinkles for toppings.

Spread out your biscuits and then cut holes in the middle - I used the cap of the Crisco bottle for this.

Heat up your oil and then stick in your biscuits - do not walk away, they cook super fast.
Flip them with tongs when the first side turns brown.

Once they are done, roll them in cinnamon sugar, top with powdered sugar, or add some sprinkles.

And don't forget to cook up the donut holes!

Stick them in a box and deliver them to someone you love!

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