Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12 dates of Christmas...with a baby

I love our Advent calendar. And Josh and I enjoy fighting over who gets the candy each day.

But this year, being Grady's first Christmas, I wanted to make memories and do something a little more meaningful than just candy.

I remembered that Elsie did the 12 Dates of Christmas last year and I loved that idea
so I decided to write up some of my own that would be things we could do with Grady or that wouldn't require a babysitter.

I stamped some tags

and wrote date ideas on the backs

The 12 Dates of Christmas
1. Cocoa & game night
2. Go to a Live Drive Thru Nativity
3. Throw a Christmas party
4. Address Christmas cards
5. Wrap presents together
6. Go Christmas shopping
7. Watch White Christmas
8. Have dinner by fire light
9. Get peppermint soft serve & look at Christmas lights
10. Get a babysitter & try a new restaurant
11. Share a special dessert
12. Fill Grady's stocking

Here's to a memorable December!

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