Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 resolution update

Happy 2013!! 
Naturally, I'm looking forward to this next year and all the new and exciting things it will hold.
I'm also thinking about some resolutions for this next year, but I thought first, I'd see how I did on my 2012 resolutions.
Here's what I wrote down last year:

Write more letters.
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I have so much beautiful stationary just sitting in my desk. This year, I want to use it up telling my friends and family I'm thinking of them and how much I care about them.
Update: I did okay on this one. I sent some unexpected cards and gifts, but that dang PostalPix app just makes it too easy. But I just bought some pretty Rifle Paper Co. stationary and I certainly plan to use it.

Step out of my hair comfort zone.
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Ever since a haircut gone wrong my freshman year of college, I've been scarred. I've had essentially the same haircut since it grew out. Last year, I gave up dyeing my hair blonde and tried bangs. That was a big deal for me. This year, I'd like to get a semi-dramatic haircut. 
Update: I just cut off like 7 inches - does that count?

Learn a new skill.
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This year I'd like to expand my skill set. "You know, like nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills..."
Truly, I'd love to take a calligraphy course. That's a skill that I could find a use for. I've yet to find a local class though - maybe this year.
Update: I learned the skill of breast feeding. I learned the skill of power napping. I learned the skill of fixing dinner while holding a baby. Still looking for that calligraphy course, though.

Properly name my Photoshop layers.
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More generally, get organized. I've realized that the older I'm getting, the more unorganized I'm getting.
The huge stack of unfiled papers in my office rats me out daily. I'd like to correct this before it's too late. 
Dear iPhone, is there an app for that?
Update: Generally, this is still a work in progress. The kitchen table still collect stacks of papers. And I'd love to get time to tackle my storage room. But with the addition of print designs to my etsy shop, I truly have gotten better about properly naming my Photoshop layers.

Nail down signature foods.
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When I'm asked to bring something to an event, I flounder. I'd love to nail down some fabulous go-to recipes that I can learn to make by heart and have full confidence in their deliciousness.
Shelby, will you bring that thing that you make so well?
Don't mind if I do.
Update: I've nailed down a signature main dish, something that I would be proud to make for anyone and that my husband says tastes like it's from a restaurant.
I'm still working on perfecting a few dessert recipes. 

Go on more dates.
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With my husband. Intentional ones. Where we try new things and see new places.
And cherish good ol' quality time together.
Update: We definitely did this. With our son due to come in July, we knew dates would be few and far between after that so we dated hard. Dinner, movies, ice cream, long weekend getaways. And we've been pretty good about sneaking in some dates even with Grady here. Shout out to our awesome babysitters!

Get a library card.
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I sort of blame college for squelching my love for reading. I don't think I read for fun at all during those 4 years. Then I read the Twilight series. Don't judge me. And I remembered what it was like to devour a 500 page book in a day. To feel like the characters in the book were my friends.  And to get lost in a story. 
This year, I want to read more books. Any suggestions, friends?
Update: Hunger Games Trilogy. Enough said. 
And now that I know there is story time for kids at the library, I really am going to get a library card.

Entertain more.
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Invite people over. Cultivate friendships. Use every one of my serving platters.
Update: I think I did use every single one of my serving platters at the Black and White holiday party I hosted. I forgot how good it feels to have your house filled with good food and friends. 

Be generous.
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With money. With love. With grace. 
Remember that all my blessings come from the Gracious Hand above. 
Update: Having a baby made me generous, not so much with money (diapers are expensive!), but definitely with love and with grace. My heart is overflowing with the joy and love that my sweet boy brings me that I can't help but spill it on to others. And my journey through motherhood has reminded me just how in need of grace I am and has made me that much more generous in giving grace. May I continue in this always.

I know, I know, where are the eat healthy and exercise resolutions? We'll leave those for 2013.
Update: Turns out, those are on the docket for 2013. Josh and I are both hanging on to a few extra lbs and we plan to do something about it this year.

So, how'd you do with your resolutions? What are you gonna do differently in 2013?

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