Monday, January 21, 2013

will work for furniture

I love a good barter.Ya know, trading goods for goods.
Recently I've had a couple small businesses contact me about branding packages and we ended up doing a trade. It was a win-win.

Regeneration does exactly what their tag line says - they reclaim vintage and castoff items as relevant and trendy, they restore furniture with beautiful paint jobs and pretty details, and they repurpose items in new and fun ways (an old window as a menu planner - why not?!).

So when it came time to discuss payment for services, of course I wanted to get one of their beautiful pieces.
I told them of a specific piece of furniture I was looking for - one that I could use to display decorations but would also serve as storage to hide Grady's ever growing toy collection - and they more than delivered.

Painted a dark gray with just the right amount of distressing and the most gorgeous shelf lining job you ever did see.

Original pulls left intact but painted a stark white.

And the perfect pop of color in they toy storage area.

These girls get it.
Be sure to check out and follow Regeneration on facebook.

I also had the pleasure of working on a new branding package for Funky Junk based out of Forest, VA.

Nikki does absolutely fabulous work. I mean, her pieces are so beautiful and perfectly executed.
So when she offered to trade for design work, I more than obliged.
I told her I was looking for a trunk for my house. And sent her this picture that I have had saved on my desktop as my dream trunk to find.

And man, can this girl deliver. This thing is definitely first cousins with my dream trunk.

She painted and lined the inside to make it useable for me for storage and added some rope handles since the originals were missing.

I'm borderline obsessed.

Visit Nikki's blog or follow on Facebook to find out how you can get yourself some Funky Junk.

While I'm at it...

 you should probably know about hpavao interiors.
Everything Haley does is amazing. She has a beautiful style and knows how to turn something that I wouldn't think twice about into something I'd want to snatch up in a second.
Like this headboard turned entryway piece.

She does interior design consultations and can help you revamp your home if you're at a loss.
You can also hire her to paint things for you, which is perfect for someone like me who has no patience when it comes to painting.
Visit her on facebook or check out her booth at Peddler's Antiques in Forest, VA.

Last, but certainly not least, is Amanda Carver Designs.

(I also designed her logo - holler!)
This girl does it all and with great style -  painted furniture, home decor, interior design consults, styling, and staging. She has pieces in several local shops and also runs her own shop full of finds and treasures out of her house, like this beauty:
You can connect with her through her blog.

And as always, when you're looking for some great vintage flair to add to your decor, or to style some new furniture you get from one of the above,
be sure to check out my very own shop. Free local pick up, of course.

 I've also done several shop to shop trades on etsy - so feel free to ask!

If you're interested in design work - see more of my work here & email me for inquiries.

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