Monday, January 7, 2013

Someone named Grady...

...totally cooperated for his first ever Christmas picture!

I love these so much because they show his personality so well.
I really wish I could bottle him up and keep 5 month old Grady forever
but these pictures will have to do.

And still cute even when he was done smiling.

So here are my Christmas picture taking tips:
1. Take pictures after your baby is well slept and fed - it's much easier to pull smiles out when this is the case.

2. If you're looking for nice bokeh (blurry background), in my case a Christmas tree,
pull your baby up a few feet so they will be nice and crisp and the background a beautiful blur.

3. Use a portrait lens - I used a Canon 50mm lens - f3.5, ISO800

4. Download a fun free Photoshop action like this one and edit your photos in one click!

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